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Details of your next ride are given below. Please follow the links to get accurate map information for the ride assembly point. Hope you enjoy the ride!

Ride 483 - Into The Woods Ride!
NOTE: These are Revised Ride Details!

Day/Date: 5th April 2015.
Assemble: 9:30am for a prompt 10:00am start.
Ride Starts: 10:00am sharp!
Location: The Heavy Vehicle Park at Woodlands Road adjacent to Junction10. The vehicle park is the Northerly of the two Parks (uppermost on both maps).
Map Ref: SG Maps|Google Maps
Hares: Bunny Tool, Pole Dancer and Back Entrance.
OnOn: Porn's Sexy Thai Food, Junction 10 #01-32, 1 Woodlands Road, S-677899. Tel. 68936702 & look on the Web. Those with bikes on a car bike rack or who rode to the start may want to consider having a bike lock with them.
Cost: Refreshment fee for non-members, S$15. Members free.

Remember: For every ride HELMETS and STOUT SHOES are COMPULSORY.

Hares - Please thoroughly "sweep" your rides - no exceptions!

All riders ensure you have a spare inner tube, repair kit and pump. If you borrow – Replace!!

You acknowledge that you have reviewed the terms of our Data Protection Policy and you consent that we may collect, use and transfer your personal data and any other applicable data in accordance therewith.

Pictures From a Past Ride

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Guidelines when setting a run/ride in Singapore’s Nature Reserves and Parks

Please note the following guidelines:
  • Hares must give at least 5 weeks notice to the GM’s if intending to set a run in a Nature Reserve as applications must be submitted to Nparks 4 weeks in advance. An editable pdf form for the Central Catchment Nature Reserve is available here, and for the Bukit Timah, Hindhede National Park and Dairy Farm Nature Park here.
  • The GM is responsible for notifying National Parks of an intended run in their Reserves at least 4 weeks in advance. Individual members are not to have contact with National Parks.
  • Only toilet paper is allowed at the Nature Reserves. Flour and chalk are not to be used under any circumstances.
  • Paper should be laid conservatively and inconspicuously to the general public.
  • Hares are responsible for clearing up the paper by the next day or the sweeper is to clear up the trail (this is to be done irrespective of where the run is laid).
  • Stick to the existing tracks (i.e. those clearly marked by the Nparks) if you are laying runs in the Nature Reserves. 
  • Strictly NO CHOPPING of plants in the Nature Reserves.
  • No Creating or cutting a new path in the Nature Reserves.
  • No arrows to be drawn on the roads or anywhere else in the Nature Reserves.
  • Hares are accountable for their runs and if in the event a fine is imposed, the hares will have to bear the cost. These fines are significant (up to $500). Repeat offenses will lead to even heavier fines and result in that Hash Chapter being banned from running/riding in Nature Reserves for 6 months. 
  • Outside the Nature Reserves use flour only on the ground and not on tree trunks.
  • Labrador Park, Sungei Buloh, Kent Ridge Park and Mount Faber are also managed by the Nparks, so be mindful when setting runs/rides there.
  • Click on the links to get maps of the Macritchie Nature Trails, the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve & Designated Tracks within the Central Nature Reserves.

What does the above mean to the Singapore Bike Hash?

Nparks have a contact for each Hash Chapter in Singapore (in most cases the GM) and will call up any Chapter that breaches any of these rules and will ban the Chapter till the matter is resolved. A warning will also be issued to the Chapter. A fine will be imposed if a second breach is committed. The Hares will have to bear the cost of the fine.

What does the above mean to the Singapore Bike Hash?

  • Hares will need to think even more carefully about their run sites and trails.
  • Hares will need to plan their run well in advance.
  • Sweepers will become increasingly important – for making sure all runners/riders return safely and for picking up the paper.
  • Late comers to a run may find that there is no trail left to follow as the sweeper will have picked it up.
  • There is a need to consider alternative markings for the runs that can be easily removed.
  • e.g. ice cream sticks, or plastic markers. This is currently being looked at.
  • As a measure of goodwill and community service, we will hold a cleaning campaign in one of the Reserves or Parks at some stage during the year. 

These guidelines have been agreed on by all Hash Chapters in Singapore in consultation with National Parks. We will keep you updated on any changes. Thanks for your understanding!
Adapted from the LCH3 rules for hashing in National Parks document issued June 2010 and in line with general consensus of all Singapore Hash clubs.

Here is a link to the Parks and Trees Act mentioned in the application forms.

Marking Your Trails

Wherever possible, use chalk marks on hard surfaces that are sufficiently large and bold enough to be seen readily. Do NOT use chalk or other substances such as flour in areas owned by National Parks! When marking your trails with toilet paper, please use it sparingly. Only toilet paper may be used in areas owned by National Parks.

A designated sweeper must collect all the toilet paper used and dispose of it at the end of the ride and wash away the chalk.

Do NOT use corn starch, baking flour, talcum powder, or similar substances in areas owned by National Parks or in other areas of vegetation.

It is imperative that the Bike Hash sets an example by being highly environmentally aware; protecting Singapore's ecology while at the same time enjoying it. Please do your bit!

News and Events

Ride Report 479!

Ride 482 - Luck of the Irish Ride!

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Ride 481 - Gong Xi Fa Chai Ride!

Another very well attended ride! Photos are now in the Gallery!

aidha - 2015 Tour de Singapore

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Feedback Sports Maintenance Stands

This is a great place to find a bike maintenance stand made by Feedback Sports. Discounts for SBH Members!

Cycle Indonesia 2015

The calendar of events organised by Cycle Indonesia is in the Newsy Stuff section. Some really interesting rides this year!

1-Day Excursion to Batam "DRAK Bike Park" on 21st March

Hasher Reto Brosi has decided to organise a 1-day excursion to Batam to a Trail Centre. The park has approximately 60 km of trails and a separate down-hill piste. “DRAK Bike Park” can be found on Facebook and some YouTube videos are Googleable as well. You can find the Centre at this URL.

When will this adventure happen?

The 21st of March AND the 19th of September!

Find out more detail on the Newsy Stuff page.

Interbike Hash 3: Borneo Rainforest 2015

The Inter Bike Hash 3 (IBH3) will be a 3 day event held 10 - 12 July, 2015. This year’s organiser is the Kuching Bike Hash Club (KBH). Their website with more details of the ride can be found here.The programme of activities will commence on the Friday afternoon, continue with a mass mountain bike ride held on the Saturday and end with a city ride on Sunday, finishing around noontime. The main ride event will be held in the vicinity of Bau and will include trails covering 12 – 28 km each. Based on the attendance of the previous events, between 250 - 300 international participants are expected as well as around 100 local bike Hashers from Kuching. More on the Newsy Stuff page.


Tiong Hin Bicycle Company, who represent Pivot bikes in Singapore are kindly sponsoring the SBH with two generous offers:

A PIVOT CYCLING JERSEY FOR EVERY MEMBER WORTH $80! Check out the groovy designs on the Newsy Stuff page!

To loan the bike, just go down to the Tiong Hin shop. Details on the Newsy Stuff page.

Mountain Biking Tips - The Big Three

Check out this article, originally written by SBH Member, Pat Fitzpatrick on essential mountain biking skills. Well worth a read.

How to Make a Waterproof Toilet Roll Dispenser

If you often struggle with a way to easily dispense your paper and to keep it dry, check out this neat design coourtesy of Hash Brew.

GPS Files for Rides Available

If you want to ride a Hash again and would like to use a GPS file to do so, check the Hareline 2012, Hareline 2013 or Hareline 2014 page to see if one is available. Bona fide SBH Members can email the Webmaster with the Ride # requesting the GPS file (in .gpx format).

Buy an SBH Jersey!

If you would like to buy an SBH jersey at the next ride, please email Goes Both Ways with your size and cut (short, long or no sleeve) so that it's ready for you to pick up. You can see the design here.

Bike World Explores Myanmar

Check out the rides in Myanmar which Australian Jeff Parry offers on the Newsy Stuff page. Recommended by founding Hash member, Graeme D.